Our Team

Parish Leads:

Karolina Tattersall and Philomena Loughane – Parish Leads in Catechesis

Laurence James – Parish Lead in Adult Formation

Marissa Lawingco and Debra Golingan – Parish Leads in Evangelisation

Raul Fletcher and Helen Dixon – Parish Leads in Volunteer Coordination

Children’s Catechists

Lise Guillon – Confirmation and Discovery Course (Diocesan Deanery Mentor)

Phyliss Cort – Confirmation

Helene Mete-Toppin – Confirmation

Maggie Keane – First Communion

Karolina Tattersall – First Holy Communion and coordination

Jo and Mike Tomsky – First Holy Communion

Benjamin and Anne Morrell – Pre-Confirmation and the Acutis Group

Sr Patricia – Faith and Fun and Sodality of Our Lady

Sr Edith – Faith and Fun and Sodality of Our Lady

Kathleen Malkin – Latin Mass First Communion

Theresa Quail – Latin Mass First Communion

James Windsor – Altar Server Training

John Tennant – Altar Server Training

Piers Tattersall – Music Director, Children’s choir

Peter Brys – Youth Apologetics

Raul Fletcher – Youth Apologetics

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate – Children’s catechism for Special Sundays

Marcia Marshall – First Communion and link to parish schools

Maggie Keane – First Communion support

Adults Formation Catechists

Anne Burke Gaffney – Adult Formation Support

Lise Guillon – Discovery Course

Peter and Cecilia Campbell – Discovery Course and Marriage Support

Delphine Chui and Iona Bohuis – Young Adult Group support

Brian Roxburgh – Advance Theology and Philosophy tutor

George Cillia – St Joseph’s Men’s Group

Barbara Furmanowicz – Catholic Film Nights

Fr Marcus Holden – Friday Night Adult Catechesis and the Evangelium Course

Evangelisation and Outreach

Fr Marcus Holden and Ann Holder – RCIA and Convert Instruction

Fr Patrick Pullicino – Chaplain for Legion of Mary

Philomena Loughnane and Anna Lloyd – St Vincent de Paul

Pro Life SPUC rep – Kathleen Linton-Ford

Parish Council

Marcia Marshall

Maggie Keane

Catolina Snowdon

Phyllis Cort

John Reddin

Lena Douggan

Ann Holder

And the Parish Leads

Finance Committee

Kieran Moloney

Cosima Gambero

Maria Chang

Nora Horan

James Windsor

Phone Number

020 8674 3704

Church Location

58 Thornton Road
Clapham Park, SW12 0LF

Pastor’s e-mail