Our Groups

Our Choirs

St Bede’s Parish Choir, led by Piers Tattersall, our Musical director.  They meet every Tuesday at 7pm and sing at the Sunday 9.30 Family Mass. Every Easter and Christmas they endeavour to sing a polyphonic Mass.  If you are interested in joining this choir, please contact Piers piers.tattersall@gmail.com

St Bede’s Children’s Choirs, led by our Musical Director, Piers Tattersall.  There is a children’s choir for both the English Mass & the Latin Mass.  These groups meets once a month for practice on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  The choir sings once a month at the 9.30 and 11am Masses.  Any queries or if you are interested in joining the children’s choir, please contact Piers directly.

St Bede’s Traditional Choir, led by Charlie Reddin, accompanied by Piers Tattersall, is comprised of a bevvy of young men and women who are in turn led by an accomplished cantor, Dr John Tennant in the ancient Gregorian chant and Polyphonic. They sing on three out of four Sundays at the Latin High Mass at 11 am.


Communities within the Parish

St Bede’s Latin Mass Community was initiated by an extraordinary Jesuit of Jewish parentage, Fr Hugh Simon Thwaites (1917-2012) in January 1995.  This was taken over by Fr Andrew Southwell in March 1997 and has developed into a dynamic community of worship which has charitable status and has fostered developments in street Evangelisation in Brixton, a library/repository, a vestment repair group and several initiatives for children.  It has links to the national LMS lms.org.uk/

Guild of St Clare – for all ages.  Group meets on the first Saturday of the month in the club following the 9.30am Latin Mass.  Led by Susan Gollop & Vreni Windsor

St Bede’s Latin American Fraternity: In the 1990s, due to large immigration from Columbia and Ecuador, Monsignor Leo White began the Mass in Spanish on Saturday evenings followed by a merry reunion in the Social club.  This Mass is said every Saturday at 7.30pm.

African – Caribbean Society of St Bede’s meet every second Sunday in the parish club, after the 9.30 Mass. Founded by Thaddeus Emenonyou in 1995. They have an annual Thanksgiving Mass in October and often a celebration in May.


Children’s Groups & Activities

St Bede’s Altar Servers (Archconfraternity of St Stephen

For a century St Bede’s Altar Servers have been assisting the priests in the liturgy of the Church, and many have gone on to the sacred priesthood, including the late Archbishop Beck of Liverpool, Monsignor David Greenstock, former Rector of Valladolid, Fr Anthony Charlton, and Fr John Henry of Earlsfield and Fr Tom Lynch (now PP in Stroud).  We have two Servers Guilds – for the English Mass and the Latin Mass with 35 servers.  Twice a year we have a servers trip and on the feast of St Stephen(Boxing Day) we have a Mass for our Altar Servers with a thank you for all their help over the past year.

Sodality of Our Lady, led by Sister Patricia & Sister Edith of the Handsmaids of Mary.  This group is for girls aged 8-18.  Once a month, the members of this group take part in the 9.30am Mass, including reading

“Fun & Faith” St Bede’s Sunday School is every Sunday 10.45am to 11.15am in the club rooms – the classes are fun and activity-based and are led by the Sisters of the Congregation of the Handmaids of Mary.

Parents can join in or enjoy tea and coffee in the adjoining area.  All primary school children are invited to join in with the catechism class.  It is so important for children to learn about their faith and enjoy that experience in the parish.  They will have the chance to meet the priests and sisters of the parish and grow their Catholic lives each Sunday.

The Carlo Acutis Pizza & Prayer Group (Post Confirmation) A monthly meeting for those aged 14 and above who have made their confirmation.  The group meets on Fridays 6.30 – 7.30pm where there is faith discussion, prayer and food!

Catechists: Benjamin & Anne Morrell.  Chaplain: Fr Patrick Pullicino


Adults Groups & Activities

Whole Parish Friday Catechesis (Fridays)

Weekly adult catechesis 7.30 – 8.30 pm followed by a shared meal and social time.  A variety of courses are followed (Church History & Bible Studies to name a couple).  Led by Fr Marcus.  Meetings take place in person and online via Zoom.  See newsletter for information of the current courses and zoom link.

St Joseph’s Men’s Group (2nd Friday of the month)

Meeting for Catholic men for prayer, discussion and support in the life of faith.  No registration is required and the group is usually made of 12 – 15 men.

Meet in the church 7.45pm – 8.30pm (adoration, rosary and confessions), faith discussions and study 8.30 – 9pm in the club followed by fish & chip meal (£5 donation is requested).  Bar will also be open.

Evangelium Young Adults Group (last Friday of the month)

For those aged 18 – 35 years.  A monthly session 7.45 – 9.45pm.  Meet in the church first from 7.45pm for adoration, rosary and confessions.  There is a simple meal in the club (usually with the Friday Catechesis participants) and then a talk and discussion followed by social time.  Bar will be open from 9pm.

Catholic Film Nights (Last Saturday of the month)

7pm – 10.30pm in the club rooms – with a meal and discussion included.  Please see the newsletter for details.

The Union of Catholic Mothers is a vibrant group of women who are committed to parish life, founded at St Bede’s in 1957. They now meet monthly on a Thursday afternoon. For many years, the UCM were the prime movers behind the parish bazaar, which is held just before Advent Sunday, and which raises over £10,000 in two days. They have a lot of fun going on pilgrimages, shopping trips and days out.  Mgr. Leo was their unofficial chaplain ever since he retired in 2001, returning every Thursday evening to say Mass for them until he moved back in April 2017, when he continues to say their weekly Mass and join them in all their activities – with a much shorter commute!!


Parish Committees

St Bede’s Parish Council is a consultative advisory group of parishioners representing different parts of the parish. Besides the Clergy, the members are Dr Ann Holder, Marcia Marshall, Phyllis Cort, Maggie Keane, John Reddin, Maria Chan Chang, Lena Douggan, Catalina Snowdon, , Liam McCann, Marissa Lawingco and Debra Goligan,

St Bede’s Finance Committee meet three times a year and the committee is made up of the following members: Fr Marcus Holden (Parish Priest); Kieran Maloney (Chair / Accountant) Eunice Wilkins (Financial Administrator); Nora Horan (Finance & Parish Administrator), Marie Chang (Gift Aid Co-Ordinator) and Cosima Gambaro.


Other Groups within the Parish

Special Sundays

These take place monthly and are open to everyone.  Shared lunch at 1pm followed by a lecture by a guest speaker.  Apologetics for the teenagers with Raul Fletcher and Piotr Brys, catechesis for younger children with the Franciscan Sisters of the Mary Immaculate, both alongside our the Priests.  See the newsletter for dates.

St Bede’s Social Club was founded largely by Fr Ronald Salmon, who was at St Bede’s from 1968 to 1981. He completely reconstructed the old servant’s quarters and kitchen of Hyde House (the presbytery) and made it into an active social club. These clubs are not what they were 25 years ago, but here we serve our parishioners every Friday evening, Saturday evening and every Sunday morning after Mass.

Coptic Catholic and Arabic Mass Outreach, Fr Romany is beginning this ministry from St Bede’s. Their Facebook group can be found here facebook.com/groups/314593665716831


We hope to have groups for

Legion of Mary & St Vincent de Paul (SVP) set up in the parish soon.

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