Handmaids of Mary

Convent: Handmaids of Mary (Nursing Sisters), Rev Mother Isabel

“Heal the sick …”

The Handmaids of Mary (Atkins Road) are a women’s religious congregation founded in 1851 in Madrid.  Their convent is adjacent to La Retraite High School but their ministry is exclusive to the sick.  They are night nurses for the dying and the ill and have been in England since 1912.  The current superior is Mother Maria……..

The Sisters of the Handmaids of Mary are registered nurses who care for the physical as well as the spiritual and emotional needs of their patients, especially those who are dying. Home nursing is the main apostolate of the congregation. The sisters also reach out to patients in hospitals, clinics and convalescent homes for the elderly.

Their convent is at 2 Atkins Road, SW12 OAB

Phone 020 8673 1247
Email: info@handmaidsofmary.org