The work of forming Christian disciples and evangelisation is at the very heart of the mission of the Parish. Our Archbishop, John Wilson, calls us to be an ‘Evangelising and Missionary Archdiocese’, and it is the work of the Parish to focus towards this end.

Evangelisation means to fulfil the mandate of Jesus Christ to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), so that all might respond to the Father’s love and be saved through communion with Jesus and His body, the Church. At the core of evangelisation is “the proclamation of Christ and his Gospel by word and the testimony of life,” which invites conversion, evidenced through faith in Christ, repentance, and full communion with the Catholic Church.

At St Bede’s we call each of our parishioners to become missionary disciples, to be formed in faith, so that they in turn can help those around them to know Christ Jesus and His Church.

Every year many people are baptised as adults or received into the Catholic Church from other Christian groups. We welcome people into the family of God’s Church on earth and we desire for the saving gifts given through sacraments can be bestowed on as many people as possible.

If you are interested in becoming Catholic or receiving Confirmation as an adult (or simply making the first steps of enquiry) please contact the office (claphampark@rcaos.org.uk) or Fr Marcus directly (marcusholden@rcaos.org.uk).

After the initial contact, there will be a bespoke approach for you setting out how to move forward, usually through joining a course of instruction or study, towards receiving the Sacraments, when the time is right. A journey to baptism or conversion to the Catholic faith is also a spiritual path, and you will be supported in your growth of a personal relationship with the Lord.

In the meantime it might be good to view the videos about the Catholic faith found here

For practical ways to evangelise – have a look here

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