Some Definite Service

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Some Definite Service – St Bede’s Parish,  Clapham Park – Autumn/Winter 2022-23

Catechesis for Children and Young People


Faith and Fun (Sunday School) – Takes place in the parish club on Sundays 10.45am-11.15am. It is for all ages (including for younger children). Catechists – Sister Patricia and Sister Edith of the Handmaids of Mary

First Communion Programme – Course takes place weekly after the 9.30am Mass. There is a monthly meeting at the same time for parents. First Communion is in July each year. A pilgrimage is made with the families to Aylesford. Catechists – Fr Marcus Holden, Marcia Marshall, Karolina Tattersall, Joanna Tomsky, Mike Tomsky . Chaplain – Fr Romany Shenouda.

 Children’s choirs – Groups meet each month for practice on Saturday (Latin choir) or Sunday mornings. Choirs sings once a month at the 9.30am and 11am Mass. There are 25 members. Led by music director Piers Tattersall.

Sodality of Our Lady – Group for girls ages 8-18. Praying to together and serving the church. Meetings on Sundays in the parish club after the 9.30am Mass (9am-9.30am). There are ten members of this group. Led by Sr Patricia and Sr Edith.

Altar Servers Practices – Meets for practice (twice a year for trips) and for weekend serving at Mass. We have two servers Guilds – for the English Mass and the Latin Mass and 40 servers. Meeting dates advertised in the newsletter. Led by Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Patrick Pullicino, James Windsor and John Tennant.

‘Called by Christ – Pre-Confirmation’ – From Year 8

Candidates are asked to register for the ‘Called by Christ’ programme which is 18 sessions through the year (nine online and nine in the parish club). This meeting is to prepare the young candidates for their next stage of confirmation. These sessions will be a gentle introduction and are run on Fridays 6.30pm-7.30pm (followed by Pizza and refreshments for the physical sessions). Catechists Benjamin and Annie Morrell, with Fr Patrick Pullicino as chaplain.

‘Chosen – Confirmation Course’ – from Year 9

From Year 9 (which is the official Deanery age for starting confirmation) candidates are asked in January to come weekly at 4.30pm-6pm on Saturdays (except for holidays) for the ‘Chosen’ course. There is a monthly session also for parents. Each candidate also takes up the challenge of service in the church (reading, altar serving, Sodality, choir, stewarding). Confirmation takes place in November each year. Catechists: Frs Marcus, Patrick and Romany, Helene Metge-Toppin with Phyliss Cort and Lise Guillon

Latin Mass Confirmation Group – runs through the year after the 11am Mass (see dates on newsletter and upon application). Run by Annie Morrell and Fr Marcus

The Carlo Acutis Pizza and Prayer Group (Post-Confirmation) – 14 years and above. A monthly meeting on Fridays 6.30pm-7.30pm where there is faith discussion, prayer and food! Catechists – Benjamin and Anne Morrell. Chaplain – Fr Patrick Pullicino

 The Aquinas Group – Apologetics – 13-17 years – a monthly apologetics group lead by young people for young people. Raul Fletcher and Peter Brys with support from Fr Patrick and Fr Marcus. Group meets in person at 1.45pm on ‘Special Sundays’ (see newsletter or dates below)

Infant (4-7 years) and Junior Catechism (8-12 years) with the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate – takes place monthly at 1.45pm on ‘Special Sundays’ (see newsletter or dates below).

Adult Catechesis, Formation and Evangelisation


EVANGELIUM YOUNG ADULT GROUP – for those aged 18-35. A monthly session Fridays (last Friday of each month) . 7pm Holy Mass, 7.45pm Adoration, Rosary and Confessions; 8.30pm Social/Food and Talk/Discussion.

Whole Parish Friday Catechesis – weekly adult catechesis at 7.30pm-8.30pm followed by Bar/Social time (food and snaks available).  A variety of courses are followed – Church History, Bible Studies, Theology. Led by Fr Marcus Holden. We begin a seven week course – ’Close to the Source – An Introduction to Patristics, the Fathers of the Church’). In person at St Bede’s for full experience (but can be audited online through zoom – (See newsletter for other courses).

Courses for parents – six sessions online for parents. Three sessions on Wednesday evenings online with Fr Patrick using the Sycamore series and three practical sessions led by an experienced Catholic married couple. Ideal for parents of children preparing for Baptism, for First Communion and Confirmation parents.  Led by Fr Patrick, Peter and Cecilia Campbell. See details on the newsletter.

Higher Level Theology/Philosophy Classes – bi-monthly Friday nights (first and third Fridays of each month). 8.45pm-9.45pm in the parish club.

Guild of St Clare – for all ages. Group meets each month for practice on Saturday mornings (dates announced in newsletter). Led by Susan Gollop, Vreni Windsor and Marissa Lawingco.

EVANGELIUM ONLINE/RCIA – Instruction to become Catholic or be confirmed as a Catholic Adult (October to April). Sessions take place every Sunday evenings from 7pm-8pm online. Led by Fr Marcus Holden and team. Private instruction is also possible (please enquire).

Catholic Film Nights – Monthly last Saturday of the Month (7pm-9.30pm with a meal and discussion). The next film will be ‘The Song of Bernadette’ – to coincide with the visit of her relics to St George’s, Southwark Cathedral. Upcoming films, ‘Courageous’, ‘Scarlet and the Black’, ‘Amazing Grace’. See the newsletter for details.

Baptism/Marriage preparation – Contact Fr Patrick for details.

St Joseph’s Men’s Group – Meeting for Catholic men for prayer and discussion and support in the life of faith. Second Friday of each month – meet in Church 7.45pm-8.30pm (adoration, rosary and confessions), faith discussion and study 8.30pm-9pm, fish and chip meal in club (£5) with bar 9pm (Continues 14th October). No registration required. Group is 10-15 men. Organiser George Cilia.

Union of Catholic Mothers – Meeting Thursday afternoons. Leader Maggie Keane. Chaplain Fr Romany Shenouda. Please see newsletter for details.

Mariology Course – 2 DAYS COURSE on MARIAN DOCTRINE. Course Lecturer: FATHER SERAFINO LANZETTA. This course is live, and will be held in the parish club rooms. Dates:

Friday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Saturday 9.00 am – 4.00pm

Book through email Address: Telephone. 074 4584 8941  or 078 3131 0698

Special Sundays –Monthly afternoon catechesis for the whole parish. Shared lunch at 1pm followed by a lecture by a guest speaker 1.45pm. Catechesis for children with the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate and with the Priests. Tea at 2.45pm followed by Rosary and Benediction 3.15pm.

January 22nd – Fr Patrick Pullicino – A Doctor at Calvary

Other dates for Special Sundays in 2023 – February 19th, March 19th, April 23rd, May 28th, June 25th, July 9th

All night Exposition and Adoration in the Church – every First Friday of the Month from 10pm to 6am

Phone Number

020 8674 3704

Parish Address

58 Thornton Road
Clapham Park, SW12 0LF