With St Paul’s advice to the Ephesians that we must ‘speak the truth in love’ (Ephesians 4:15) ringing in our ears catechists cast their nets, proclaiming the Kingdom of God so that those they encounter will come to ‘feel, think and act like Christ’ (Directory for Catechesis, 77). The chief task of all catechists is to ‘echo’ Christ. Catechesis (to ‘echo’ faith) teaches a knowledge of the faith, including Sacred Scripture and the Church’s living tradition. Catechesis helps the believer understand the Church’s liturgy, all of which lead one to Christ present in the Eucharist. Catechesis shows what it means to be holy in daily life, particularly in the ‘domestic church’ where ‘children receive the first proclamation of faith’ (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1666). Catechesis teaches believers to ‘pray with Jesus Christ and like him’ (DC, 86) in personal, liturgical and community prayer. Catechesis fosters a sense of belonging to the Church with the aim of creating missionary disciples.

At St Bede’s we have a team of excellent catechists, who with the priests and religious sisters, pass on the faith to families and children from the youngest age until adulthood. There is catechesis for every age group and more than 100 children and young people take part in our programmes and initiatives.

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